Michigan Travel Map! Adventures of an unexpected drinking tour (without the drinking)!

For all those who read my last post – During my 40 days of sobriety, I went to a brewery, a distillery and two wineries! – you may be wondering if there is a handy map out there that you can follow for your own Michigan adventure.

Well, you’re in luck!!

Here’s the route we took from Chicago to Michigan, complete with the hotel we stayed at and each stop we made along the way! You can bet I’ll be using this map again when I make a trip back AFTER Lent! I can’t wait to actually try the assortment of drinks from Bell’s Brewery, St. Julian winery, Round Barn and Journeyman Distillery!

If you’d like to see a photo tour of the trip, make sure to check out my Pinterest Board – “Pure Michigan

Happy travels!!


Michigan Map

Michigan Map

6 thoughts on “Michigan Travel Map! Adventures of an unexpected drinking tour (without the drinking)!

  1. When I was a kid we would give up candy for lent. alcohol as an adult seems worse. 🙂

    On another note Kristina, and I hope you won’t think me too intrusive, I don’t think this post is showing up in WordPress Reader. If you use more than a combination of 15 tags and categories it won’t show. For example if you go to the Reader and type in one of you tags such as Bells Brewery, your post does not come up. The reason I know this is that it happened to me. Here is a link to an article in WordPress forum http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/

    Feel free to delete my comment and again my apologies if I am overstepping. I would like many more people to be seeing you excellent blog.

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